Day 5: Nero Day to Acton KOA

Start: Mile 436.1

End: Mile 444.3

Miles Hiked = 8.2

This morning we were up early again and excited to have an short hiking day.

In hiker terminology, a Zero Day is when you take the day off and don’t hike any trail miles. Zero Days usually happen in towns. While Zero Days may be a day off from hiking trail miles they usually aren’t a total rest day. Typically there are chores to do like laundry or shopping for resupplies. Eating at restaurants and getting calories in are also a big focus for most hikers on zero days.

A Nero Day is typically considered a day when you hike less then 10 miles. It is often also combined with a town visit. Usually it involves a short hike in the morning combined with town chores (laundry, food resupplies) and restaurant visits in the afternoon or evening.

So this is what Donna and I had planned for today. In the morning we hiked for about 3 hours and enjoyed the more beautiful views.

We enjoyed beautiful desert flowers this morning also.

We arrived at the Acton KOA about 11am.

We had rented a cabin and luckily it was available when we arrived. That was nice.

We had mailed a resupply box to the KOA so we spent the afternoon organizing our food for the next four days, doing laundry, and showering (what a treat!). We ordered pizza for dinner and got a good night sleep on a real bed.

Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Day 5: Nero Day to Acton KOA

  1. You guys are looking good. And I know exactly where you are as we have had dinner with mike in Acton (he lives in Palmdale)
    Donna, glad your knee is doing well

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