Day 6: Kennedy Meadows North

PCT Miles: 1016.9 to 1031.8

Miles Hiked = 14.9

Yesterday, after I arrived at Sonora Pass on Highway 108, I was picked up around 3:30pm by the KMN shuttle and transferred to the resort and pack station.

I checked into to my bunk room, did laundry, dried out my gear (tent, sleeping bag, shoes, etc), took a shower, picked up my resupply box and bought a few supplies at their well supplied store.

Oh, I also had a couple beers and had dinner with a nice young female hiker that I had met while waiting for the shuttle. Her trail name was something like “Strange Sounds” because she has to hiccup often. We had a nice chat. She graduated from the University of North Caroline a couple years ago and then worked in the Athletic Department as a sports photographer. When she quit her job her parents weren’t very happy. I told her that’s the way parents are but that they’ll get over it – she needs to lead her own life! We talked about all the places that Donna and I been fortunate enough to travel to and I gave her some ideas on possible companies to contact for employment opportunities – she’s interested in environmentalism, photography, travel. Seems like Nat Geo, Lindblad or one of the other adventure travel companies would be a perfect fit. Hope it works out!

I was lucky enough not to share my bunk room with other hikers – there are five beds crammed into each small room! So I was very fortunate to essentially have a private room!

The next morning I had the “Cowboy Breakfast” at the restaurantand finished organizing my gear. I also mailed my bear container (not required after exiting Yosemite) and micro-spikes home. It actually should be called an “anti-bear food container” – it doesn’t really contain a bear! Most hikers only carry a bear container through the Sierras because it is a requirement by the National Park Service. They typically weigh about two pounds and most hikers don’t want to lug around any more weight then they have to.

Lastly, I called my father and filled him in on the trail and my hike. He is 93 years old and did his last backpacking trip four years ago!

At 10:00am I caught the shuttle back to the trail along with nine other hikers. It wasn’t long before I was back on the trail headed north towards South Lake Tahoe. I was looking forward to meeting Donna there in a few days and enjoying two “zero” days – days when I don’t hike any miles.

As I hiked north away from Highway 108, I gained about 1100 feet in elevation in the first three miles. When I got to the top I enjoyed a great view looking back at the mountains I had descended yesterday in rain and hail. It was certainly nicer weather today!I also had a great view north towards where I was headed and was surprised at how little snow I saw in the distance.I then had a long descent (about 2500 feet) down this valley over next six miles.As I got further down this valley the surrounding walls got more rugged.I started to see these colorful plants along the trail.

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Day 6: Kennedy Meadows North

  1. Love those colorful plants and all your pictures! So pretty!! Glad You got to dry out your wet clothes, get a nice hot meal and a little rest. Hopefully the weather will stay nice for you. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.


  2. Hey Todd, nice breakfast. You eat better on the trail then I do at home. Except I do get to have Bloody Marys with my breakfast


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