Day 23: Trinity Alps Wilderness

PCT Miles 1566.1 to 1586.1

Miles Hiked = 20.0

I was hiking by 6:45am this morning…. and I know this sounds like a broken record but … it was another beautiful morning with clear blue skies.

I had entered the Trinity Alps Wilderness yesterday and the scenery this morning was special.

There were beautiful lakes

Distant views of Mt. Shasta

And lush green mountain meadows

Mid-morning the trail topped out on a ridge line with distant views of farmland instead of the mountains and trees that I had become accustomed to.

I wondered what valley or community I was looking at – later I found out it was Callahan, CA. I also had good cell service so I took the opportunity to call Donna and check-in. All was well on the home front.

Later in the morning I passed these signs that had been partially engulfed by it’s tree

I passed these tall pine trees that were covered with a “neon” green moss

Moss grows in dark, damp and shady areas. When this happens on trees in the northern hemisphere it’s usually on the northern side. These trees actually had moss around the entire circumference but it was heaviest on the northern side.

I passed through more lovely meadows

I stopped and had lunch near the South Fork Scott River – this was my low elevation for the day at 5800 feet.

Typical trail lunch

After lunch the trail climbed back up to 7000 feet and in doing so crossed another paved highway (Highway 93).

The views continued in the afternoon

Late in the afternoon I realized that I hadn’t seen any other hikers – no one. I had expected that Daisy (and Boston???) might pass me but I never saw them. As I neared my final water opportunity for the day I passed a couple with a Golden Retriever going in the opposite direction. They were just out for a couple days.

Soon I found the spring and collected three liters of water – this would be enough for the night and the first part of tomorrow’s hike.


As I looked for a place to camp for the night, I enjoyed one more view of Mt. Shasta

Finally I made camp

As I was having dinner another twenty-something female hiker arrived and set up her tent nearby. Her name was Layla (no trail name) and she had started from the Mexican border.

The sunset was beautiful.

Thanks for following.

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