Day 2: Trail Magic

PCT Mile 1743 – 1763

Miles Hiked = 20

I slept well last night in the campground at Hyatt Lake and was up at 5:15am and hiking by 6:15. In a short while I caught a glimpse of Hyatt Reservoir.

The next water source was in 8 miles at the Klum Landing Campground – another campground just off the PCT. I carried too much water yesterday so today I started with a little over one liter.

The trail this morning was through the forest

When I got to the dirt road cutoff to Klum Landing Campground I still had plenty of water so I continued down the trail. Soon the trail crossed a paved road and to my surprise there was a camper van set up within TRAIL MAGIC!!! Trouble (that’s her trail name) and her boyfriend (I think) had fresh fruit, brownies, cookies, chips and drinks. Trouble had thru-hiked the PCT in 2017.

I enjoyed a brownie, a banana and some cantaloupe. What a treat!

The boyfriend was also offering shots of whisky. It would have been rude of me to refuse his kindness. Even though it was only 9:30am, it’s five o’clock somewhere. Right?

The rest of the day was primarily a gentle walk through the woods.

Walking through the woods

After about thirteen miles, I was able to collect water from a spring. It was just a trickle, but it worked.

I also took the opportunity to have lunch – packaged salmon in a double tortilla wrap, fig newtons and Fritos. Yum.

I passed a sign.

Slowly but surely

Seven miles later I reached the South Brown Mountain Shelter where I would spend the night.

I didn’t sleep in the shelter – it’s primarily for winter use or inclement weather. But I did set up my tent nearby and enjoyed having a picnic table to eat my dinner at and chat with another hiker (Rex).

Also it was great to collect water from the nearby pump.

I also had a visitor.

Day 2 Recap:

Goodnight . Thanks for reading

7 thoughts on “Day 2: Trail Magic

  1. Such a beautiful walk in the forest you had. I am sure meeting the hikers is a god perker upper as well. Stay safe and continue on to the state line.

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