Day 5: Mazama Village

PCT Miles 1809 – 1821

Miles Hiked = 12

This morning Rex and I were back on the trail as the sun was rising.

Today would be a relatively short day on the trail. We only had about twelve miles to Mazama Village in Crater Lake National Park. I had reserved a room for the night and was looking forward to a shower, restaurant food and sleeping in a bed. I also would pick up my first resupply package. Unfortunately the Village was now allowing hikers or hotel guests to do their laundry so I would have to do the best I could in my shower (better than nothing).

Soon I had another view towards Klamath Lake in the distance – it still was still smoky.

I saw this feather on the trail – I wonder what kind of bird it is from?

Soon I had a view of the Crater Lake Rim. I won’t be able to see the lake until tomorrow when I’m actually up on the Rim.

It didn’t take long before we entered the park boundaries.


Everyday there are many dozens of fallen trees across the trail. Over, under or around, I continue to move northward around every obstacle in my path. Sometimes, however, it does feel like an obstacle course.

Later in the morning we reached the road that leads into Mazama Village.

Annie’s Restaurant was our first stop. Water and a couple beers were the first priority.

Here is the building that my room was in.

Rex stayed in the campground in his tent but I let him take a shower in my room. I had a hamburger for lunch (it was so so ☹️) and pizza for dinner (yum! 😊). I was so excited to eat normal food I forgot to take a photo🤣.

Thanks for following – tomorrow we hike up to the Rim and will hike the Crater Lake Rim trail. It should be one of the highlights of Oregon.

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