Day 11: Elk Lake Resort

PCT Mile 1930-1952

Miles Hiked = 22

It was cold last night! I got so cold during the night that I had to put my puffy jacket on while in my sleeping bag. And I still never quite warmed up! In the morning I checked my thermometer.

But … I survived the night … and was up early again and ready to hike before 6am. I took some photos of the steam fog coming off Irish Lake – steam fog occurs when the water is warmer than the air above it.

Steam Fog

For the first time this year, I started hiking with my beanie on my head, my puffy jacket on with the hood over my beanie and my buff pulled over my nose and mouth.

Trying to stay warm!

A few minutes after beginning today’s hike, Rex and I entered the Three Sisters Wilderness.

Today would be Rex’s last day on the trail – his hike was ending at Elk Lake Resort, where we would arrive later this afternoon.

We passed by several picturesque ponds and small lakes.

It warmed up once the sun rose above the treetops. We passed more lakes and a few meadows. There definitely seemed to be more water in this part of Oregon – also more mosquitos!

We made good time on the trail today primarily because there were not a lot of elevation gains.

1900 feet of elevation gains over twenty-two miles is not very much – most days it’s at least twice that amount and sometimes even more!

As we neared Elk Lake Resort we had a nice view of Broken Top Mountain (9177’) which is near the Three Sisters peaks and is a popular hiking and climbing destination outside of Bend, Oregon.

Broken Top Mountain

We arrived at Elk Lake Resort in the mid afternoon and went immediately to the restaurant.

After enjoying some food and drink, Rex was picked up by a friend from Bend to begin his journey home. I enjoyed having a hiking partner over the last week – tomorrow I will be back on the trail solo and continue my journey towards Canada.

After I left the restaurant, I picked up my resupply box and then checked in to my Rustic Cabin for the night.

Rustic Cabin

There was a beautiful full moonrise over the lake

Goodnight – thanks for following!

2 thoughts on “Day 11: Elk Lake Resort

  1. Yikes, that is a chilly start, but as usual, you were prepared! Glad you had your week hiking with Rex. I fell in love with that cute little cabin you enjoyed for the night. Excited to keep following your adventures!


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