Day 12: Three Sisters

PCT 1952 – 1976

Miles Hiked = 24 + 1.5 side trail

I enjoyed my Rustic Cabin last night at Elk Lake Resort. As per usual this year, I was up at 5am and hiking out of the resort before 6. I had about a half mile road walk to the trailhead and then a 1.5 mile hike on a side trail to rejoin the PCT.

It was another cold morning – my thermometer read 37 degrees. I sent a good morning selfie to Donna.

After about two hours of hiking through the forest I had a view of Broken Top – it’s easy to see why it got its name!

Broken Top

A little later I had a view to the south – I could see the jagged peak of Mt. Thielsen that I had camped next to three nights ago. It looked a long ways away.

Mt. Thielsen

I hiked this section of the PCT a year ago with my granddaughter during a family VRBO-vacation in Bend (after I had ended my PCT hike in 2020). It was her first backpacking experience.

Jillienne 2020

I was looking forward to hiking through the Three Sisters Wilderness again because it’s such a beautiful section of the Oregon PCT. The Three Sisters are three volcanos that are in very close proximity and are named South Sister, Middle Sister and North Sister. I begin to glimpse the South Sister.

South Sister

I passed by a small lake

As I continued north on the PCT, I soon had unobstructed views of South Sister so I stopped in a shaded area, had a snack and enjoyed the view.

I continued north on the PCT

As I continued north through the Three Sisters Wilderness, I passed through meadows full of wildflowers

by beautiful streams of cold, fresh rushing mountain water

Burn zones full of dead, but somehow stately trees, trying to remain upright despite their horrific history.

And beautiful views of the one of the Three Sisters

South Sister

Later in the afternoon, I passed by Obsidian Falls

Obsidian Falls

Just above Obsidian Falls is Sister Spring that burbles ice-cold fresh clean water right out of the earth to create this stream and eventually the water falls.

Sister Spring

Late in the afternoon I begin to have views to the north where I would hike in the next few days. I could see more jagged prominent peaks in my future.

Looking to the North

As I begin to look for a place to camp, the trail turned a corner and headed up and over a medium-sized lava-rock hill

When I reached the top I had views of North Sister (left) and Middle Sister (middle).

North Sister & Middle Sister

Finally I found an area to camp that was close to another spring called Minnie Scott Spring

Thanks for following!

4 thoughts on “Day 12: Three Sisters

  1. Todd, your whole trip has been amazing. The pictures are incredible. The differnet terrain, mountains, deserts, streams give us an incredible view of what you are experiencing. The picture of Jillie is precious. We appreciate you sharing your journey with everyone. It won’t be long before you join up with Sydney. How much fun will that be.
    Stay safe.


  2. Hi Todd,
    Your posts are fascinating! The photos are beautiful and I do enjoy your story each time! You should keep these posts and publish a book!! Thanks for sharing!


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