Day 24: Lakes, Mountains & Flowers

PCT Mile 2201 – 2222

Miles Hiked = 21

Last night we slept well next to Sheep Lakes. We were back on the trail by 6:30am and soon passed into the Indian Heaven Wilderness.

As has been customary here in southern Washington, we primarily hiked through the shaded forest with occasional crossings of lush green meadows.

We passed by ponds

Flower of the Day #1:

This flower is called the Rose Meadowsweet. It is a native shrub in the western mountains of the United States. This flower is related the the Rose Spirea that we highlighted in a previous post. In the summer it blooms these fragrant fuzzy pink flowers.

As Sydney and I hiked along the trail, we suddenly had another view back towards Mt. Hood. It was so clear today that we could also see Mt. Jefferson in the distance to the right of Mt. Hood.

Mt. Hood & Mt. Jefferson

We also had another good view of Mt. Saint Helens.

Mt. Saint Helens

Common Beargrass (previous Flower of the Day) lined the trail as we continued our March to the north.

Mid-morning we stopped at Blue Lake, a beautiful little lake right along the PCT

and made a new friend (Katie)

And then we walked through another burn zone

An hour later we hiked by Junction Lake, another pretty lake right off the trail

We stopped and collected water – here is Sydney filtering her water from her “dirty” bladder into her “clean” Smart Water container. We always collect water in the bladder and consider in not safe to drink until it has been filtered into our drinking container.

Soon we passed another beautiful lake

Flower of the Day #2:

This flower is called Mountain Indian Paintbrush and is native to the western United States. It grows in high mountain habitats from Alaska to California and is most commonly seen above the tree line.

Then we had another view of Mt. Saint Helens.

We camped above Steamboat Lake. We thought there was a campground here with picnic tables and a restroom but learned that there really were only campsites near the lake that was accessible by a dirt road. Weekend car campers had already nabbed all the lakeside campsites.

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12 thoughts on “Day 24: Lakes, Mountains & Flowers

  1. Hi! Gpa Lloyd is at my house for lunch. I just showed him the last 3 days of your blog and showed him where you were this morning on the map. Dad says, “I am enjoying all your pictures on Melissa’s computer. I am very proud that everything is going woo well. I remember starting you on your first backpacking trip when you were 14, and never dreamed that you would end up doing the PCT! Tell Sydney hello and I am happy that she is enjoying hiking with her dad. “.
    Enjoy your last week in the trail. Quite an accomplishment!


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