Day 29: The Knifes Edge

PCT Mile 2277 – 2296

Miles Hikes = 19

Today Sydney and I would hike across the Knifes Edge. I had looked forward to this day for several years and knew that it would be one of the highlights of the entire PCT. I had seen photos so I knew the views could be awesome – if it was clear. That’s why we took a nero yesterday in hopes that the smoke would clear and the views would improve. So, we will soon see!

But I didn’t know what to expect as far as the Knifes Edge exposure or risk. Some hikers had told us that there are sections where you need to watch your step. Comments online were that you shouldn’t hike the Knifes Edge in windy conditions or bad weather. Today all those questions would be answered.

Sydney and I were up early again and on the trail shortly after 6am. It was definitely clearer than last night – we could see Mt. Rainer – a good sign!

Five minutes after starting our hike we crossed this two hundred yard snowfield that was on an incline. There was a good path but the snow was hard and crunchy because of the early morning start. We crossed a section where a slip would not be good…. but we both made it across without any problems.

Soon after crossing the snowfield we had our first view of the exposed ridge that includes the Knifes Edge

Then we crossed another snowfield and the trail traversed across a talus field of rocks

It didn’t take long to reach a viewpoint that revealed the path we would soon be hiking. If you look closely you can see exactly where the trail is headed.

In the distance was Mt. Rainer!

As the sun was rising, I recorded this video


It was a beautiful morning and our gamble to take a Nero yesterday and wait for better weather was turning out to be a lucky and good decision.


The next two photographs are looking back at the trail we had just hiked – towards where we had started this morning.

We were so happy that the views were great!

Another video

It took about two hours to hike across the 1.7 mile Knifes Edge. Most of that time was spent stopping to enjoy the views and to take photographs.

After the Knifes Edge the trail dropped down into this lovely valley

We spent the rest of the day hiking another fifteen miles to White Pass where we would spend the night, pick up a resupply package, do our laundry and eat some restaurant food.

More Mt. Ranier

At one point we could see a plume of smoke from one of the wildfires to the east of Mt. Rainer.

Then we left the Goat Rocks Wilderness. It did not disappoint!

We arrived at White Pass just before 4pm. The small store has laundry facilities so we immediately started a load of laundry. And then we checked into the condo that we had reserved nextdoor.

There are ski lifts here at White Pass so these condos are likely quite popular in the winter. Our little studio condo (400 square feet) was cute and served our needs perfectly.

And across the highway was an awesome wood-fired pizza restaurant – life is good!!!

Thanks for following!

8 thoughts on “Day 29: The Knifes Edge

  1. Todd, I enjoy all of your photos, no matter where in the world they are taken. But these are especially spectacular. I can see why it would be something you looked so forward to and even took a nero for. BTW, Sydney is a rock star! ( Ha ha, see what I just did there)


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