Day 31: Hiking in a Cloud

PCT Mile 2317 – 2335

Miles Hiked = 18

Sydney and I literally woke up in a cloud this morning. It was foggy and cold. And there was a light drizzle.

Of course there was no visibility either ☹️. Today would be the closest we would get to Mt. Rainer so we were hoping to enjoy some great views and have some amazing photo ops. But I guess we have to take the good with the bad – we are thankful we had great views a couple days ago at Knifes Edge!

We passed by the smallish Anderson Lake with steam fog drifting above the surface of the lake.

An hour later it was no clearer and we passed by the western edge of the larger Dewey Lake

In another hour it was the tiny Tipsoo Lake.

The weather was not getting any better. We continued to hike but we were cold and wet. Late in the morning we approached highway 410 which is leads to the eastern entrance to Mount Rainer National Park.

Highway 410

We could hear cars zipping down the road. We passed day hikers out for a morning walk. Soon we passed over this major paved road – on this cool bridge, that announces to all that you are now in Mount Rainer National Park.

Just over the bridge is the Chinook Pass Overlook. Sydney and I stopped and had an early lunch and left our trash in the trash cans 😊. But we were getting colder and soon were back on the trail hiking in an attempt to make miles and warm up.

Here’s a short video that demonstrates the weather we were hiking in today!

We continued to hike. We got wetter and colder. We passed through a burn area. The visibility never improved. We were getting pretty miserable.

Late in the afternoon, the trail passed by an unnamed piped spring with nearby campsites. We collected some water and set up our tents as quickly as possible. There were other tents nearby – we weren’t the only hikers that had retreated to their tents for the remainder of the day.

Soon we were dry and warming up. Hopefully tomorrow will bring friendlier weather.

Thanks for following!

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