Day 32: Blue Skies and Sunshine!

PCT Mile 2335 – 2360

Miles Hiked = 25

Sydney and I were cold and wet and tired when we set up camp late yesterday afternoon. Once we were in our tents and in our dry camp clothes, including our down jackets, and tucked into our down sleeping bags like a bug in a cocoon we warmed up. In the morning, when we woke up, it was sunny. Yippee!!! We packed up and were on the trail at 7:30am. After a cold and wet day we never seem to want to get up too early.

Packed up

Sydney was happy that today was sunny and dry.

This was the trail as soon as we left camp.

It didn’t take long before we caught a glimpse of Mt. Rainer. I wonder how many great views we missed yesterday?

A jagged, rugged and imposing range of mountains appeared to the north – exactly where we are headed! I thought … where would we cross these impressive peaks and how challenging will it be? Time will tell.

We hiked through a burn zone and enjoyed the abundant and colorful Dwarf Fireweed – so common in all of these recovering forests.

Late in the morning we stopped at Arch Rock Spring and collected and filtered water.

Arch Rock Spring

The trail continued through the forest.

Early in the afternoon we arrived at the Camp Urich cabin.

This cabin is maintained by a local snowmobile club and is open to anyone. Sydney and I stopped here for lunch and dried out some of our wet clothes. The couple that we had camped next to last night were here also. So we got the chance to chat with them for a few minutes. We also learned from the trail register in the cabin that quite a few hikers crowded into the cabin last night during the inclement weather.

Urich Cabin

Later in the afternoon we once again passed through a burn zone.

and then saw smoke to the east of the trail.

Late in the afternoon, Sydney and I considered camping near a dirt road that the PCT crosses but decided to continue on for a few more miles.

As the shadows from the setting sun slowly darkened the forest, we found a nice campsite and set up our tents.

Shortly after setting up our tents, the couple we camped next to last night and chatted with at the Urich cabin showed up. We camped together again and learned a little more about the adventure they were on.

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