Day 33: Just Making Miles

PCT 2360 – 2382

Miles Hiked = 22

Last night Sydney and I camped next to the same couple (Tracy & Brit) that we had camped next to the night before when we had rain. They aren’t “PCT hikers” but they are backpacking 160 miles and their hike just happens to be along the PCT. It was fun chatting with them in camp last night as well as seeing them along the trail yesterday and today.

This morning we were up at 5am and on the trail by 6:15. Yesterday we had clear blue skies and sunshine; today it was overcast and cooler. Tonight would be our last night on the trail before arriving at Snoqualmie Pass tomorrow where we would stay in a hotel, pick up our resupply boxes and enjoy restaurant food. So we wanted to make some miles today and leave ourselves a relatively short hike tomorrow.

Early morning view

I’ve noticed these “growths” on trees along the trail. I don’t know what they are – anyone know?

As Sydney and I hiked along the trail today we had one of our best and closest deer encounters. This deer was quite curious and actually allowed us to get within twenty feet.

Later we hiked by this ridge top of mature pine trees surrounded by a forest of young new growth trees. I guess this is how forests evolve and replenish after fires.

Flower of the Day:

This mushroom is called Amanita. Mushrooms in this species can either be edible and delicious or quite poisonous. Apparently more than half of the cases of mushroom poisoning come from this species of mushroom. I’ve seen these quite often along the trail in Washington – they are typically 3-4 inches in diameter. I’m not going to add any to my dinner tonight!

Flower of the Day #2

These are Huckleberries – apparently they are native blueberries but everyone I met along the trail and in trail towns referred to these berries as huckleberries. They are extremely common in Washington. I would guess that Sydney and I frequently saw huckleberries for several hundred miles along the PCT. PCT hikers are quite aware of their presence so most of the big juicy berries have been picked and enjoyed, but if you pay attention, there are still berries to be found!

Please … no comments on the holes in my gloves – these are my religious gloves and I take my religion quite seriously! (get it, my “holey” gloves). 🤣🤣🤣

As we continued our hike, we occasionally had views of the craggy mountains to the north that would soon offer up their own set of challenges.

A little later in the afternoon we passed under three parallel rows of power lines that bring electricity to the Seattle-Tacoma area.

Then we collected clear and ice-cold water at another unnamed spring. Spring water is the best! It probably doesn’t have to be filtered but we filter it anyway, just out of habit.

We didn’t make camp until 6:30pm – we had been on the trail over twelve hours. Today was overcast and chilly but luckily we had no rain. Tonight’s camp was a nice camp in the forest with flat spots for two tents. What more could a hiker want?

Tomorrow we have eleven miles to Snoqualmie Pass. We’ll try to be there by lunch. The thought of burgers and beer should be enough to keep us motivated!

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2 thoughts on “Day 33: Just Making Miles

  1. Hey Todd & Sydney, those “growths” on the tree are fungi/mushrooms. Donna may have pics from her last trip to Mackinac as we came upon a variety of different ones in the woods. Deer are beautiful and graceful, but around here people don’t want to come anywhere near them because it usually means you just hit one and wrecked your car. The sheriff deputies have the names of people that will come and remove the animal. They come running out of a corn field faster than one can react, usually several of them are together. Of course come “deer season” the hunters seek them out for their meat and to thin out their numbers.
    Sure have been enjoying your post and pics this year. Thanks for your efforts to post!


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