Day 34: Snoqualamie Pass

PCT Mile 2382 – 2394

Miles Hiked = 12

Today was Sydney and my fourteenth day on the trail together in Washington. We have resupplied twice – the first at Trout Lake and the second at White Pass. At both resupply stops we enjoyed a hotel room, did laundry, took showers and ate restaurant food and were back on the trail early the following morning. Today we had about twelve miles to our third resupply stop at Snoqualmie Pass. But tomorrow we had planned a zero day – no hiking! – so we were especially motivated to get on the trail and get to the Pass.

We got started early as usual. It was another foggy and cool morning.

We had an easy five hundred foot climb up and over a ridge and then down to Yakima Pass.

In another mile or so we passed Mirror Lake, a very scenic lake that is quite popular with weekend hikers because of its proximity to Snoqualmie Pass.

Mirror Lake

And then we had about a thousand foot climb up and over another ridge. We could hear the cars and trucks down on I-90 but the low level clouds and fog blocked our views.

The remainder of the hike was all downhill and in the fog. The bright Red Elderberry stood out in contrast to the gray and gloomy background.

Most of the time I take the lead but today Sydney was out in front – kind of like a horse headed to the barn!!!

Around noon, we passed under the ski lifts that rise up from Snoqualmie Pass.

Snoqualmie Pass

And soon we were at the Summit Inn, where we had a room reservation. I didn’t expect our room to be ready but luckily it was!

It only took a few minutes to drop our packs in our room and get across the street to the Dru Bru brewery.


As is typical, we had burgers 🍔 and fries 🍟 for lunch. A few hours later it was pizza🍕 for dinner. Of course, a few beers helped wash it all down.🍺 🍺🍺

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