Day 35 & 36: Zero Days

Miles Hiked = 0

There isn’t much at Snoqualmie Pass – a hotel, a couple restaurants, a gas station with a convenience store, another small store with a pizza oven, a brewery and a coffeehouse. There are also a few homes and some ski lifts.

But it had everything Sydney and I needed and the following photos are a good representation of how we spent our two days.

Eating & Drinking
More eating & drinking
Even more hydration

When I wasn’t eating, drinking or sleeping I worked on getting some blog posts out. FYI: these blog posts aren’t posted in current time since I can only post when I have Wifi (ie: while in town) – they have a lag time of several weeks!

We were only planning on taking one zero day but Sydney lobbied pretty hard for a second day. It’s hard for Dad to say no.🤣

Physically we are both doing OK. Sydney’s feet have been bothering her. I think she may be developing plantar fasciitis☹️. I’m doing fine except for a constant muscle spasm under my left scapula (shoulder blade)😣. We will both push on.

We are halfway through Washington. The rumor is that the northern half is more difficult …. but also more beautiful! We will soon see.

Thanks for following!

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