Day 40 (8-26-21): Stevens Pass

PCT Mile 2455 – 2465

Miles Hiked = 10

After two perfect-weather days with nothing but clear blue skies, Sydney and I woke up to a cloudy, chilly and gloomy morning. But we knew we only had ten miles to Stevens Pass where we would be picked up by Tahnee’s (my daughter-in-law) father (Greg) at noon. So our spirits were high as we looked forward to seeing Greg and spending the night in town.

We didn’t start hiking quite as early as most days but we still left camp by 7am.

Town days typically include restaurant food, showers, laundry, usually a good nights sleep in a hotel room and sometimes a zero day. Oh, I almost forgot, there’s also usually a beer or two to be consumed. So today, as we hiked along the trail anticipating all the upcoming town delights, our packs felt a little lighter and our pace a little quicker.

The truth is, however, that our packs were as light as they ever get. The food that we started out with at the last town had mostly been consumed. Trail food weighs almost two pounds per day. Depending on the number of days in between town resupplies, our packs typically are six to ten pounds lighter on the last day before resupplying. So our packs actually were lighter and hopefully our steps a little quicker!

It’s not often we hikers have a toilet opportunity in the wilderness, but today we did – Hallelujah!!!

After about an hour of hiking we passed another beautiful Cascade lake – Hope Lake

Hope Lake

and then, fifteen minutes later, Mig Lake – another pretty little lake.

Mig Lake

It remained overcast all morning – typical Washington weather per Sydney – but the scenery was still beautiful and inspiring.

All morning long, the plants and bushes along the trail were wet from a light drizzle. As I hiked along, my pants couldn’t help getting wet as they brushed up against these saturated plants. Along the trail were these bright red berries from a plant called Sitka Mountain-Ash – note all the moisture on the leaves.

Sitka Mountain-Ash

As we got closer to Stevens Pass, we began to see evidence of civilization and crossed under power lines.

Soon we passed under the Stevens Pass ski lifts – we must be getting close!

Then the trail crested near the ski lift station and we made the final descent down to Stevens Pass

Late in the morning we arrived at Stevens Pass. Greg was there waiting for us. It was 11:45am. I had told Greg four days ago that we would be there close to noon. He was amazed that we could hike the seventy-one miles from Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass and time it so well. Thanks Greg!!!

Stevens Pass

If you zoom in the photo above, you may see Greg waiting by the side of the main building as Sydney approaches. Sydney definitely “smelled the barn” – that was about as far ahead of me that she ever got in the entire state of Washington!

It was great to see Greg and we were so thankful that he took the time to come retrieve us. He is now an official Trail Angel!

Sydney and I had mailed our resupply boxes directly to the lodge at Stevens Pass so we picked up our boxes and then hopped in Greg’s truck and he drove us down to Leavenworth. We all had lunch together and then Sydney and I checked into our hotel – we would be there two nights and take a zero day tomorrow.

Thanks for following!

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