Day 1: Roadwalk

Start: Mile 374

End: Buckhorn Campground – 2 miles short of PCT mile 394 on the Endangered Frog Detour

We hiked about 16 miles today (14 were highway miles)

Cowboy John picked us up at 7:30 and drove us to Vincent Gap. After unloading our packs we said our goodbyes and took a photo.

Luckily Highway 2 had not been opened to car traffic yet, so we could walk the entire 10+ miles to Islip Gap without having to worry about cars.As we walked, we enjoyed nice views of the Mojave Desert to the north.

The first half of the road walk was uphill and summited at Dawson Saddle.Then we continued downhill to Islip Saddle where we had lunch. After lunch we continued another 2 miles on the road and through a tunnel.In a while we came to an official 4 mile closure of the PCT because of an endangered frog:This detour requires another 2 miles of road walking. Finally we got to the Buckhorn Junction which would lead back to the PCT. But, that we be for tomorrow morning. Tonight we would camp at Buckhorn Campground.We had a good day despite all the road walking, but are looking forward to being on the trail tomorrow!

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