Day 8: Happy Anniversary Donna

PCT Mile 1050.8 to 1073.2

Miles Hiked = 22.4

Today was my 30th anniversary. I was very fortunate to have cellular service throughout the day so that I could chat with Donna. I even was able to call her at 6pm, our anniversary to the minute! We will celebrate our anniversary over the next few days in South Lake Tahoe. Five years ago we revisited Fiji (where we spent on our honeymoon) so this may be a little letdown, but I will make it up later! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to hike the PCT but make no mistake the most important things in my life are my wife and children and grandchildren!

I am so appreciative of the support that all of my family gives me, including my father, sister and kids, but particularly Donna, for supporting me on this crazy PCT journey.

But let’s get back to the PCT.

Today was a beautiful morning. The skies were clear and there was a slight breeze which was quite nice and refreshing. I started a bit late this morning because I couldn’t locate where I had placed my reading glasses. I retraced all my steps and even took my pack apart before I eventually found them. Probably cost me 30 minutes!

Almost immediately after beginning this morning’s hike I entered into this beautiful green valley filled with colorful flowers.But what was really impressive were these large volcanic rock formations.

The terrain has definitely changed since Yosemite one week ago – much more volcanic rock and less granite.

Soon the trail rose above the lush green valley and traveled across the barren volcanic scree.Once I crossed over to the other side, there were expansive views to the eastI passed this gigantic pine treeAnd a few minutes later had this view looking north – if you look closely you can see the trail crossing the barren hill in the middle of the photo.And the trail continued There was a small cascading stream of water falling down onto the trail as I passed bySomewhere down in this valley is Blue Lakes Road – I’ll take my lunch break there in a few hours – not many cars pass by.On the way down this butterfly poses for meAfter lunch I pass by this lake

I spotted this unusual rock formation – the trail will wind itself around it and I’ll use it as my reference point for the next few hours.

Soon the trail will once again climb above the trees and the views are such that a video (I say Day 9 on the video – it’s really Day 8) will only do it justice – it’s a little windy so I hope you can hear the audioEventually I wind myself around to a beautiful valley on the south side of Carsten Pass – photos in the next blog – my shadow was getting long as the sun got lower on the horizon – time to find a camp.Thanks for reading.

8 thoughts on “Day 8: Happy Anniversary Donna

  1. That was a wonderful wedding and so glad you guys got to be on the phone together. You are doing an amazing job! Have fun in Tahoe. And get in a hot tub and relax those legs!


  2. Happy Anniversary, lovebirds! Did you happen to find your reading glasses on top of your head? That’s where I always seem to find mine.


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