Day 9: “Gimme Shelter” Cove

PCT Mile 1878 – 1906

Miles Hiked = 20 (8 mile shortcut)

My plan today was to hike to Shelter Cove Resort where showers, laundry and restaurant food would be available. I would also pick up the resupply box that I had mailed several weeks ago. A few days ago I had renamed the resort “Gimme Shelter” Cove in honor of the famous Rolling Stones song. I would play the opening riff here if I knew how to on this blog☹️, but I don’t.

I was still hiking with Rex and we were walking out of our campsite at Windigo Pass at 5:50am. It was a twenty mile walk to “Gimme Shelter” Cove.

6am Sunrise

Over the past few days Rex and I had learned about an alternate route from Windigo Pass. Many southbound hikers had recommended this route – it’s called the Oregon Skyline Trail (OST) and apparently used to be part of the original PCT. At some point the PCT had been re-routed to the current location. The alternate route was shorter (8 miles shorter!) with less elevation changes. It was also reported to be more scenic. Sounds good to me!

Windigo Pass is where the PCT crosses Forest Service Road 60 – a dirt road with very little traffic. In order to access the OST we walked about one-half mile east on this dirt road, found the trail and then resumed out northward trek.

Soon we passed a side trail to Nip & Tuck Lakes – I chuckled and wondered how and why these lakes got their name???

In a few hours the sun was high enough that the forest was brightened and the morning chill was gone.

We passed Ofdenburg Lake where there was a good campsite. We also passed several lovely lush-looking meadows.

After ten miles of mostly flat to slightly downhill hiking we arrived at Crescent Lake – a large lake accessible by paved roads and with multiple campgrounds. We headed to Whitefish Horse Camp where there were rumors of possible Trail Magic from the camp hosts!!!

Unfortunately … the camp hosts were out so we settled for potable water from a faucet, a picnic table to rest our bodies while we enjoyed a snack and …. a luxurious pit toilet🤣.

Soon we were back on the trail, disappointed that we hadn’t enjoyed any trail magic but now focused on reaching “Gimme Shelter” Cove where we knew there would be ice cold beer🍺.

We soon entered the Diamond Peak Wilderness and then passed Diamond View Lake with an impressive view of the peak.

Diamond View Lake & Diamond Peak

Early in the afternoon, as we neared “Gimme Shelter” Cove, we hiked above Trapper Creek for a mile or two. It was the largest creek that I had seen since I started hiking over a week ago.

It wasn’t long before we reached “Gimme Shelter”Cove.

Shelter Cove Resort is a very nice little resort on the shores of Odell Lake. It has a camping and fishing store, a restaurant, a marina, a few cabins and quite a few RV campsites with full hook-ups.

Shelter Cove Resort

The restaurant was closed until 3pm so I picked up my resupply package and took advantage of the laundry and shower facilities.

Laundry & Showers

By then the restaurant was open


“Gimme Shelter” Cove is very hiker-friendly and has a designated area for PCT hikers to set up their tents. I was in my tent by hiker-midnight (9pm). Tomorrow would start early again and include a full day of hiking. At least my belly was full and I didn’t smell quite so bad.

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