Day 13: Mt. Washington

PCT Mile 1976 – 1999

Miles Hiked = 23

This morning I was up early and on the trail by 5:50am. I had about 7 miles to McKenzie Pass where the trail crosses Highway 242. This road leads east to Sisters and Bend. It was another beautiful morning and was quite warmer than the last two.

I’ve been seeing more wild flowers the last few days – maybe because there is more water???

Soon I had a view to the north. That’s Mt. Washington on the left, Three Fingered Jack in the middle and Mt. Jefferson on the right. I’ll go by them all in the next few days.

I passed a small pond

and then had a nice look back at North Sister – I passed by all Three Sisters yesterday.

North Sister

As I got closer to McKenzie Pass I walked through another burn area. There always seems to be a lot of Dwarf Fireweed in these burn zones.

As I approached McKenzie Pass I took a short side-trail to Lava Lake Campground where I took advantage to the facilities – one of the great luxuries when thru-hiking!!!

I had a short road walk from the campground back to where the PCT crosses the highway. There is a lava-field observatory along the highway that people can visit.

I continued on to where the trail crosses the highway – thankfully there was a water cache! So I took what I needed. Thanks trail angel!!!

The next five to six miles are primarily through a giant lava rock field – it is huge. Walking on a trail of lava rocks is tricky and requires focus – I didn’t want to twist an ankle or fall down but I was most worried about destroying my trail runners, so I tried to step carefully. This wouldn’t be a good place to have a shoe disintegrate!

As I walked across the lava-rock field I had another nice view back at the Three Sisters.

North & Middle Sister

Here’s a video of my view – hopefully it uploads to this blog

As I continued north on the PCT, I eventually got past the lava-rock field but I re-entered a burn zone.

The trail was traversing around the western side of Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington
Mt. Washington

I finally reached a side trail to the Big Lake Youth Camp (BLYC). In normal years, BLYC is very hiker friendly and accepts hiker resupply packages and supports PCT hikers with water supply, showers, laundry and meals. The last two summers, however, they have been closed to PCT hikers because of Covid.

They did still supply water via a water faucet, so I took advantage.

After collecting two liters of water from the water faucet at BLYC, I continued down the trail for a couple more miles and made camp near a pond.

Thanks for following!

3 thoughts on “Day 13: Mt. Washington

  1. Jeanne and I were at those lava fields and the tower 4 years ago when we went to Bend and Sisters visiting friends in Black Butte.


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