Day 30: Mt. Ranier National Park

PCT Mile 2296 – 2317

Miles Hiked = 21

Sydney and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening last night in a small studio rental condo at White Pass. We did our laundry, took showers, had pizza and beer and picked up and organized our food resupply for the next section of the trail. It was exactly what we needed … but today was a new day and it was time to get back on the trail.

We slept in until 6am and then started the process to pack up and get back on trail. But first we had some hot coffee – yum! On the trail we have cold coffee. And then enjoyed some non-trail food for breakfast – a bowl of Cheerios and milk, as well as an egg/sausage sandwich. We also carried a banana in our pack for later in the morning.

We were out of the condo by 7:45am and had a half-mile road walk down Highway 12 to get back to the PCT. As is typical when you leave “town”, the trail usually goes uphill for a while. Today the first four miles would gain twelve hundred feet in elevation. Along the way we entered the William O. Douglas Wilderness.

We passed by the small but beautiful Deer Lake

Deer Lake

And soon passed the 2300 mile marker – only 352 miles to go to reach the Canadian border!

We passed by another unnamed small lake with a nice reflection

It was a beautiful morning with a deep blue sky and no hint of any smoke – a great day to continue our hike northward.

Buesch Lake

The trail takes many forms

We crossed this stream by walking across this log and kept our feet dry – EZPZ!

We passed by beautiful green meadows

But look closer at those “clouds” in the last photo – those aren’t clouds … that’s smoke!

An hour later, we had another view – it looks like there’s a pretty big fire east of the PCT as it passes by the eastern side of Mt. Rainer National Park.

Soon we briefly entered the National Park

and caught a glimpse of Mt. Rainer

And then another view of the fires to the east

Late in the afternoon we found a campsite and hoped for another view of Mt. Rainer but the clouds had rolled in and we didn’t get to watch the sun set behind the big mountain. ☹️

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